Craig Clarke


1. Structure of an E-Cigarrette Body. The E-Cigarette body is an integral structure, a lithium-ion battery, and atomized cartridge, and an LED light at the front-end of the E-Cigarette body that indicates when the product is in use.

2. Filling an Atomized Cartridge. Remove the rubber mouth piece on the non-threaded end of the cartridge. To do this, you can stick a paperclip in the hole of the rubber mouth piece, and pry it out – just don’t stick the paperclip too far in. Once done, tilt the cartridge at a 45 degree angle and simply drip 10 drops of nicotine liquid onto the filler material inside. Once done, twist the cartridge to the dry side while still holding at a 45 degree angle. Drip 10 more drops of nicotine liquid inside, onto the filler material. When finished, put the rubber mouth piece back onto the cartridge.

3. Atomized Cartridge. Also known as a cartomizer, an atomized cartridge combines both elements of a cartridge and an atomized chamber in one. Simply fill the atomized cartridge with nicotine liquid, which is free of ingredients harmful to the human body – such as tar and carcinogenic substances – and screw the cartomizer onto the E-Cigarette body, opposite of the LED light.

4. Battery and Charger. E-Cigarettes typically employ a 3.7 volt lithium ion battery, with a special charger. You cannot substitute other chargers to use on this lithium ion battery. To charge your battery, you must screw the E-Cigarette into the small hole of the charger. Once done, the LED light on the front-end of your E-Cigarette will blink 5 times, and then stop. When fully charged, the LED on your charger will change from a red light to a green light.

5. Operation. The circuit will be switched on once you inhale on the E-Cigarette. The LED light at the front-end of the E-Cigarette will be the indicator, and will turn on. Stopping to inhale will terminate the atomization of nicotine liquid, and the operation mode will be turned off. When the E-Cigarette is in its operational mode, it is recommended to place it horizontally and do not keep it upwards. This is to prevent you from inhaling the nicotine liquid into your mouth.

6. Recharging. When the E-Cigarette is out of batteries, the LED at the front-end will blink 5 times when you attempt to inhale. This indicates that it needs to be recharged. When this indication happens, you need to unscrew the atomized cartridge (cartomizer) and then screw the lithium ion battery into your charger.

7. Warnings and Notices. The first charge of the battery must be kept for 8 hours, and charging for regular use must be kept for 3-4 hours. It is recommended that new E-Cigarette users, in order to quit, start at the high (16mg) nicotine level. After two weeks of using the E-Cigarette, start using the medium (16mg) nicotine level. Once completing this for 4 weeks, the user can switch to the low (6mg) nicotine level. Once comfortable, the user can choose the zero (0mg) nicotine level, in order to attain zero nicotine and successfully quit smoking.


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