Craig Clarke

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a personal vaporizer (a.k.a. e-cigarette)?

Personal Vaporizers (PVs) are the newest smoking alternative to hit the market and are taking over the country one person at a time. PVs offer the same sensation as a regular cigarette without all the chemicals and tar. PVs are also, over time, far less expensive than regular cigarettes (“analogs”). And aside from personal benefits, PVs do not produce any second-hand smoke as the vapor it creates is made of water!

How do PVs work? What is vapor?

PVs are a non-flammable product that usually use a small rechargeable battery, a safe replaceable cartridge containing water, propylene glycol, a flavoring (a concentrate that emulates a flavor) and a membrane to contain the ingredients of the liquid. Propylene glycol is USP grade and is safe for human consumption. It is also known to be used in inhalers, and in hospitals.

Instead of inhaling a cigarette, you will simply inhale a puff from your PV. This action provides you with the same sensation a traditional smoker gets. PVs will satisfy your cravings and the process actually releases a harmless vapor to simulate smoke.

Do PVs taste the same as my cigarette?

One of the best things about PVs is that there are hundreds of flavors you can choose from! From grape to rootbeer float and many tobaccos, the choices are endless when it comes PVs. But if you’re looking solely for an authentic tobacco taste, it all comes down to personal preference. However, with each tobacco flavor that most vendors offer, you’ll have a hard time telling the difference from an actual cigarette!

Are PVs hard to use?

While it depends on the type you purchase, your PV will only come in two or three pieces or can be a “mod”. The longest piece is the battery that mimics the look of the end of a cigarette. The second piece is the cartomizer, which looks like the filter, and simply screws in to the battery. The cartomizer is the piece that holds the flavored liquid.

If you are purchasing a 3 piece product, then you will receive a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge. These three pieces work the same as two piece models – by screwing into one another – but atomizer fits between the battery and the cartridge. The cartridge, for this product, holds the liquid rather than a cartomizer.

Do PVs look any different from a regular cigarette?

Generally, PVs are the same size and shape as a normal cigarette! They also produce a thick vapor that looks exactly like smoke. The only differences you will come across is color. Many PVs are made in white and tan like a normal cigarette, but also come in multiple colors such as black, blue and even pink!


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