Craig Clarke


Before diving into this, I just want to make it clear that I make certain assumptions. These may or may not be applicable to you. For example, I assume that someone who wants to start vaping would initially prefer a device and flavor that resembles as closely to a regular tobacco cigarette as possible. However, after exploring and experimenting you may find that you are attracted to an e-cig that has a completely different shape (more width) and tasting like ice cream or crab juice (and yes, there is a crab juice flavor).

I have more experience with this than some, but I also have much less experience than many. All information here is cited to the best of my knowledge. I have chosen to provide advice and recommendations, based on my experience and point of view.

People who use e-cigs are vapers who vape the vapor of personal vaporizers (PVs is just another name for e-cigs) just as smokers smoke the burning tobacco of traditional cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. So vaping is analogous to smoking.

What gets vaporized (or vaped) is the e-liquid or juice in the cartridge/cartomizer of the e-cig (or dripped directly onto the atomizer).

Milli – metric measurements are used in vaping: milliamp hours (mAh determines how long or how many puffs before the battery needs to be recharged), the millimeter length of e-cigs, etc.

Also included in milli is millilitres (amount of nicotine juice you need to use to fill a cartridge or cartomizer), and milligrams of nicotine in the liquid.

Since an e-cig is electronic (digital), vapers refer to a regular tobacco cigarette as an analog.

Health Concerns.

The e-cig itself is neither unhealthy nor healthy, but merely a piece of equipment used to vaporize liquid that is put into it. This liquid that you vaporize and inhale contains the following:

PG (Propylene Glycol) – used in food flavorings, cosmetics, asthma inhalers, and fog machines. This is a very safe and natural ingredient but some people are allergic to this. Usually people who are allergic will show signs of a rash or sore throat, but nothing very serious. If this is the case then they can use VG.

VG (Vegetable Glycerin) – this is more syrupy in viscosity and is also derived from vegetables. It is also very safe and natural.

Nicotine – The nicotine is derived from tobacco in highly pure concentrations so that the chemicals are no longer remaining. A very small amount is used.

Flavoring – This is derived from either different types of tobacco or food flavorings.

Many people have concerns about the healthiness of e-cigs due to a misleading and scientifically unsound report issued by the FDA in 2009. Other reports have come out since debunking this.


The initial investment is somewhat larger than many want, but the cost of vaping overall is far less than smoking normal cigarettes. I don’t know the amount of tobacco cigarettes you may smoke per day or what the price of those are. For the purpose of comparison, I am going to assume 1 and a half packs per day (which is once carton per week), at a price of $6 per pack. If this was the case, then analog cigarettes would cost you $60 per week – not counting ashtrays, deodorizers, lighters, etc.

E-Cigs come in all shapes and sizes, colors and flavors, which all cost money. A typical starter kit will run you about $50-$80. It may sound like a lot, but if you look in the right places it can go as low as $30. With an initial investment of about $75 you can afford a solid PV with e-liquid that will last for about one to two weeks. Once you have a device (or PV) then you will only need more e-liquid and possibly a few other accessories averaging about $40 a month.

Sizes and Shapes.

E-cigs come in a myriad of shapes and sizes, as shown in this picture (there are also many more).

Starting from the bottom of this photo:

Most people that are interested in vaping are initially attracted to a PV that is the same size or smaller than a regular cigarette. At the bottom of the picture, this is what one looks like and is also known as a Super-Mini e-cigarette. Models for this include the Joye 306, M403/403, and RN4081.

The next one that you see in the list is known as a Janty Stick, which falls under the category of a Mod and is covered in the “Mods” section.

The next three in the photo are the Minis which are the most popular category of e-cig for new vapers. In order is the most popular e-cig for most users known as the Joye 510. Following that is the KR808D-1 (abbreviated Kr8). Last but not least, above the Kr8, is the DSE901 which is starting to lose popularity but still holds a position in the market.

Moving up we see a PV that looks like a screwdriver, and that is exactly it’s name! The screwdriver was the first mod manufactured on the market.

Above the screwdriver is an e-cigar, which accompanying the e-pipe, were the first models that did not look similar to a cigarette.

A favorite among many, is the long white model second from the top. This is known as a Penstyle e-cigarette and the most popular model is the DSE801.

The one at the very top that looks probably the least like a cigarette (since it is huge) is the earliest version of the Prodigy. This is another mod, and similar items will be covered in the “Mods” section.


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