Craig Clarke


You may hear terms such as 510 and 901. These are just relevant to the type of threading your e-cigarette has. A 510 atomizer is male threading which fits onto female threading, while a 901 is a female threading that fits onto a male threading.

Most people that use cartridges find that they are not as effective in delivering e-liquid on to the atomizer as many vapor would like. Some of us choose to “drip” the juice directly onto the atomizer. Many of these people choose to use a drip tip so that they needn’t take the cartridge off every time they want to refill the well inside of the atomizer. There are metal version of drip tips, glass, and plastic versions which each have their own advantages (mostly aesthetics).

The atomizer. The single most important component of an electronic cigarette is its atomizer (or atty). This is what takes the juice from the cartridge and vaporizes the liquid on it into vapor.

A significant factor in the atomizer is the resistance that is contains (measured in Ohms). The lower the resistance, the higher the wattage can pass through the coil. Therefore, the lower the resistance, the more power can pass through the coil and heats up e-liquid quicker. This can often lead to better vapor and flavor, but sometimes can lead to a burnt taste. The resistance of the atomizer is completely up to the user, since it depends on their sense of taste to determine what they like the most.

1.5 ohms: LR (low-resistance) atomizers (306, 510, 801, and 901)
2.0 ohms: alternative LR attys (510, 801, and 901)
2.2 ohms: 306 atomizer (also now used on eGO and other Fat Batts)
2.3 ohms: 510 atomizer (also used on eGO and many other Fat Batts)
2.5 ohms: semi-LR 801 atty and semi-HV 510 atty
3.0 ohms: KR808D-1 cartomizer (described on next page)
3.5 ohms: 801 (penstyle) atomizer and alt HV 510 atty (for 5V mods)
3.7 ohms: 901(mini) atomizer
4.5 ohms: HV atomizers (for use on 6V mods)
5.2 ohms: HV atomizers (for use on 7.4V mods

Ohms Law states that V = I/R, but Power = (V^2/R). This means that if you have a 6v device with a 3 ohm atomizer you will be getting (6*6/3) = 12 watt power. This is quite high in terms of most vapors. Most people tend to stay within 10-11.5 range to make sure their atomizer stays intact. If you are having a problem staying within this range, I suggest you invest in some higher resistance atomizers.


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